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Nicki minaj was born in 1984 in south Jamaica in New York.  Just like many other artists, Nicki minaj had a troubled family; with her father being a drug addict and was brought up by her single and struggling mom. Although she had a rocky childhood, Nicki managed to graduate in LaGuardia high school in Manhattan where she was studying the art of singing and acting which was later to shape her life for good.

Nicki got her first job as an administrative assistant but never let go of her singing passion and career and would always find her singing herself out all the way home from work. She started as a singer in back ground vocals of many local artists, which helped her in nurturing her talent and growing into it. This really encouraged Nicki, as she wanted to be an exception from the other rappers and with the little knowledge that she had acquired from the other artist and loaded with information from her school, she started writing her own rap songs.

Her success came in hand when she signed a contract with the CEO of dirty money who helped her in reaching out the outer world with their hot single, “The Come Up”. This DVD made Nicki minaj to be exposed to other rap artist who started having interest with her performance and talents. The first rapper to negotiate her well-being is LIL Wayne who introduced her to the new age rapping game, which saw them produce their first hit collabo with her named sunshine.  With her great talent and knowledge that she had acquired from her singing and acting classes, nick has rocked the rapping scenes and has seen great success under the monitory and guide of the cash money brothers.  Ever since, Nicki has released mind bobbling singles that get acknowledged from all over the world and many people like her music by the day.

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